About Risør Resort - Moen Camping

The Campsite is a family owned business 
currently run by the third generation.

It all started around 1960 when someone noticed that the place had a lot of sun for most of the day and asked if they could set up a tent there. One thing led to another, and Arne and Kari Sundsdal started Moen Camping. In 1974/75, they demolished the old outhouse and built a new building.

Karen (daughter of Arne and Kari) and Per Lerpold took over the business in 1989. Among other things, they built onto the existing building and erected the four cabins down by the waterfront in 1998. The old building was demolished in October 2009, and the new architect-designed building that stands here today was completed in May 2010. Preben (son of Karen and Per) and Gro Lerpold took over the business in 2022.

Noen gamle bilder av plassen:
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